How To Get Fingerprints Off a MacBook Screen? – An Easy Guide

Everyone loves the amazing resolution and life-like picture quality of Retina display on MacBook screens. However, fingerprints and smudges can develop over time that ruin not only the appearance of the screen but also create difficulty in visibility. For optimal visibility and maintaining a shiny display, one needs to clean their laptop’s screen regularly and … Read more

Can You Upgrade A Laptop’s CPU? – Here’s What You Need To Know

All laptops do not support CPU upgradability. Laptops are compact devices, in which all components are tightly packed. Hence, compared to a desktop system, you have fewer options when it comes to upgradability. However, it varies from laptop to laptop. Lightweight laptops like Notebooks and Ultrabooks sometimes do not even support RAM or Storage upgrades, … Read more

What Are SATA Ports? – Everything You Need To Know

SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It is a type of computer interface that is used for connecting storage devices to your motherboard. The storage devices include HDD, SSD, and optical drives. SATA ports generally refer to the connector on the motherboard of your computer on which you connect the SATA storage devices. You … Read more

Why Does My Laptop Keep Shutting Off? – Ultimate Guide

Laptops can run into issues from time to time and most of those issues can be resolved easily. If your laptop suddenly starts shutting down when you are using it, it can be for several reasons. You might face overheating issues, hardware or software malfunctioning, outdated drivers, or battery problems. You will need to identify … Read more