Can You Upgrade A Gaming Laptop? – What’s Possible & What’s Not

One of the most common questions asked by gaming enthusiasts is whether or not they can upgrade their gaming laptops to enhance performance.

While gaming laptops are often preferred for their advantage of portability, they are often thought to be less upgrade-friendly compared to their desktop counterparts.

So, in this article, we will explore which upgrades are possible on a gaming laptop and how they can extend the life of your device to make it compete with good gaming laptops in the market.

Whether or not you can upgrade a gaming laptop depends on a lot of factors, and we will discuss them one by one.

The Upgradability of Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops are built with certain constraints, especially in terms of space and thermal management, that limit the extent of possible upgrades.

Let’s dive into details and see what is upgradable in a gaming laptop particularly and what is not.

Memory & Storage Upgrades

RAM and storage are the most common upgrades you can make to a gaming laptop. Upgrading these components can significantly improve performance and are typically easy to carry out.

Most laptops come with easy upgradable functionality, allowing you to open the back panel with a pop-up screw for easy upgrades. However, you have to keep in mind the maximum limit of upgrades.

Can You Upgrade the CPU and GPU?

While both CPU and GPU are the heart of gaming, they are soldered onto the motherboard on a gaming laptop and do not support upgradability.

There might be some custom-made laptops in the market that may support such a function, but it will be rare and difficult to find and also will come with certain other limitations.

The Potential of External GPUs

For laptops that don’t support internal GPU upgrades, external GPUs might be a viable alternative. Some modern laptops do support eGPU and these can truly transform your gaming experience.

Battery Life Considerations

Battery life degrades over time and yes it is possible to replace and upgrade your laptop battery. Upgrading the battery won’t be as difficult. You might need to make some alterations, but nothing special is required.

When to Upgrade vs. When to Buy New

You can only upgrade your laptop to a certain extent. After you have exhausted all upgrade options, it is necessary to consider other options. Consider reading our guide to “How much is a gaming laptop?” so that you can make an informed decision.

Wrapping Up!

While there are limitations, the upgradability of gaming laptops significantly increases their life. You can make certain compromises at the time of purchase and invest money later in upgrades to get a boost in performance.

Now that you have found out whether you can upgrade your gaming laptop or not, why not check our guide to “best gaming laptops under $400”?

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