How Much Is A Gaming Laptop?

Gaming is not just a hobby one does to pass the time; it is the future. A passionate endeavor that can now be turned into a full-time career.

There are many streamers who are earning millions of dollars from live game streaming while others are competing in international game competitions for even bigger prizes.

Whether you aim to become a pro or want to stream your unique skills to the world, you will need the perfect gear by your side. But with a plethora of options and features, the burning question remains: How much is a gaming laptop?

In this article, I aim to demystify the costs involved and help you understand what factors affect the price.

The 3 Big Categories: Basics of Gaming Laptop Pricing

When you get into the detailed features, specs, and other aspects of gaming, it can get really complicated. So, to help you understand in an easy way, I have created 3 bigger categories for gaming laptops. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Entry Level Gaming Laptops – $300 to $700

These laptops are not particularly designed for gaming but may be used for them. They are versatile laptops generally suitable for all kinds of tasks.

They come with a reliable but not very powerful processor. You usually have an Intel Celeron, Pentium, or i3 with a lower generation that has dual cores or quad cores. This processor can handle complex operations up to a certain limit.

In terms of GPU, do not expect dedicated graphics at this stage or budget. At most, you can expect AMD Vega 3 or other integrated graphics. These graphics allow you to run many of the average and classical games.

RAM at this stage typically ranges from 4 to 8 GB in DDR4 generation. If upgrade slots are available, you can always upgrade RAM yourself.

Even though you have a small budget, I would suggest that you don’t settle for an HDD. Always go for SSD. In this budget, a 128 GB SSD is good enough.

In terms of resolution, an HD+ to FHD resolution is quite good in this category. Don’t expect to see any specific aesthetic or extra features specialized for gaming.

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2. Mid-Range Gaming Laptops – $800 to $1500

Next comes the Mid-Range laptops that are packed with both power and features while keeping into account affordability. They offer you the perfect blend of both worlds.

These laptops feature dedicated GPUs, specialized gaming features, higher resolution, and much more while still remaining reasonably priced.

In terms of CPU, the laptops come with 10th to 12th Gen processors, ranging from i7 to i9 or their AMD equivalents. You might find some options that even often 13th Gen processors. The higher the generation the better.

So, you will have some powerful processing power in your hands. This power is utilized and doubled with a dedicated GPU ranging from the NVIDIA GTX series to the RTX series.

There are many laptops in this budget range that have the RTX GPUs. The performance capabilities are also not limited. 8 GB to 16 GB RAM and 256 GB to 1 TB SSD is normally the range for performance components.

In terms of display resolution, it ranges from Full-HD to 2K or QHD, which provides you with much better and more immersive visuals.

You also get access to a wide range of specialized gaming features including overclockable profiles, specialized gaming software and hubs, aesthetics, and advanced cooling management systems.

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3. High-End Gaming Laptops – $2000 and Above

When you are not restricted by budget the options truly become limitless. Then you don’t need to ask, “How much is a gaming laptop?” and you can just go for the best option there is.

These laptops are the best of the best and offer extreme-level power and performance capabilities. They are equipped with the most powerful specs capable of handling even the toughest of operations.

For the processor, you get the latest 13th Gen i7 or i9 processor that comes with 14 or more cores and 20 or more threads with max speed above 5.0 GHz. The processors are equipped with Max Turbo Boost technology for overclocking.

In terms of GPU, you have super GPUs ranging from RTX 30 series to 40 series with much higher dedicated GDDR6 VRAM that ranges from 6 GB to 12 GB or even more.

The performance components are limitless. They come with multiple expansion slots and range from 16 GB DDR5 to 64 GB DDR5 RAM and 1 TB SSD to 3 TB SSD storage. You can expand them even further if you want.

The display is also much better because it features faster responsiveness, higher refresh rate, QHD+ to UHD or 4K resolution, and advanced AI technologies for enhancing the visuals.

You also get access to a wide range of specialized gaming features that are dedicated to enhancing your overall gaming experience. These features are not limited in any capacity and can go as high as you can afford.

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Wrapping Up!

The gaming laptops in 2023 offer a wide range of options that can be placed into three major categories in terms of budget. So, if you really want to find out “How much is a gaming laptop?”, you can just narrow it down from the category.

If you are new to the gaming world and don’t know exactly what you are looking for, consider taking a look at our guide: What to look for in a gaming laptop?

While entry-level gaming laptops provide better accessibility, high-end ones guarantee performance. The mid-range, meanwhile, endeavors to offer the best of both.

Ultimately, the right choice hinges on one’s gaming aspirations and how much they’re willing to invest.

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